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'Songs of Azusa'

You can re-live the amazing experiences of William Seymour’s ‘God inspired’ journey again and again. Introduce friends and relatives to “The Azusa Street Project” experience by turning them on to the music first…

“Songs of Azusa"
“The Azusa Street Project” Original Soundtrack

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1. April Days (Theme)
2. Everlasting Love
3. Turn of the Century
4. A Higher Place
5. Strolling Seymour
6. Shuffling Seymour
7. Pressing In (Where Are You Now?)
8. Loving Hymn
9. Smiling Seymour
10. Prophetic Praise
11. 312 Azusa Street
12. Earthquake
13. Psalm 119
14. They Speak With Other Tongues
15. By the Spirit
16. Band of Angels
17. Heavenly Chorus
18. End Credits

Original composition by Krista Meadows.
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Produced by GodWorks Music, Hollywood, California